Feb 11, 2010


Sometimes you get swallowed by real life and your virtual life suffers. To prove my point I am showing you a word cloud made with the content of a bunch of emails I didn't even had the time to read for more than a week. The one word that was calling me: Reply.


  1. Ironic! but at least you are neglecting your virtual life and not your real life... and luckily there is a real life to get in the way with your virtual life!! Although I just came across your blog and am hoping that you'll have time to dedicate to your virtual communications too as I'm enjoying your posts (we seem to be opposites, I refer to myself as a New Yorker by birth and a Madrileña by choice.

  2. At least your virtual life is suffer not your real life. I prefer to choose my Real life than my virtual life. Privacy Fence Installation