Oct 18, 2010


Hollywood is always late. Years before a rain of zombie movies flooded theaters around the world, a bunch of zombie-lovers created an annual zombie-gathering in New York. If my dead brain doesn't fail me, I was there in 2005, dragging my rotten flesh around the city with a bunch of crazy zombies that took over Manhattan streets for a whole day. It's an unforgettable experience, hundreds of zombies with a mission enjoying the daylight. In fact, the gathering goes beyond the zombie-mania, as the organizers explain in their website: "We gather once a year to attack NYC in a theatrical, absurdist parody of blind consumerism and brainless politics. Each year, we choose a theme to resonate with the times and attack city landmarks accordingly, stopping frequently for brains and beers".
This year Fox News was one of the targets, and those insane tea party people as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't there but you don't need a journalist anymore to get the news:


  1. I had a blast! thank you for writing about it!

  2. Hi! Un catalánomadrileño va el jueves para allí, agradecería, que digo agradecer, adoraría, ¿adorar? me quedo corto, me excitaría incluso (vaya.. ahi me he pasado) saber algo que se aleje de las guias(burros), lonelyplanets (no me extraña que estés lonely) y demás zarandajas (me encanta esa palara, zarandaja, que tono, que porte..)

    Soy un enamorado platónico de esa ciudad y temo perderme demasiado en lo típico y tópico.

    Por ahora ya me han recomendado Halloween por el lower east side y el village, que me ofreces??

  3. perdona tengo el blog pelín abandonado por temas varios, vuelvo a NY a primeros de nov, prometo retomarlo con propuestas originales.