Dec 13, 2010


This time in English.

You got access to some secret and shocking documents that could change the course of history. You feel ready to leak them, but how? Chasing Wikileaks around the internet has become a very exhausting sport! Don't worry, you should be able to drop your info-bombs on Openleaks starting on Monday. At least that was the plan. The site, mirroring Wikileaks concept, is being built by Wikileaks dissenters, as you can learn, among many other things, in the following documentary, Wikirebels. Go and tell the US government! The nightmare, multiplied!

The Swedish Television has spent the last six months working on this one hour report about Wikileaks, the organization that is leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents that are telling the truth about all those things that our governments never openly say or even deny. It's the story from the very beginning in 2006 until last week. They posted it online yesterday. It's a rough cut but it is quite good, with many in depth interviews with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, his collaborators, his ex collaborators and with investigative journalists from different countries. You will discover, among other things, that he was the brains behind the proposal of creating a sort of offshore safe haven for information in Iceland. What a brilliant idea! Bankers put money in their offshore accounts (shame on you!), and journalists will eventually put their lives when feeling in danger (I wonder what ever happened to the First Amendment...). The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, approved unanimously by the Icelandic parliament last summer, is intended to be the strongest media freedom law in the world. It seems that so far can only protect Icelandic journalists, but it could get improved, and maybe it will. Let's have some hope. Otherwise we might have to look for a different job, or being called 'terrorist', and fear prosecution, like Assange.


  1. great analysis! Liked very much. Parabens!

  2. Roba da matti! il mondo degli assetati di giustizia DEVE sapere!
    Grazie Barbara, quì in Italia non ne parlano già più..........
    Continuate a farci sapere, grazie