Aug 18, 2009


(This time in English)

I just found out about an American Latino/Jewish band called Los Hoodios. The name couldn't be a better pun. It is not easy to be playful with a name, make sense and be funny and that's what caught my eye out of a press release - I don't like press releases-, and made me want to know more about these Hoodios *it sounds like 'Jews' in Spanish and it also sounds like 'jodios', a soft curse, plus all the meanings around 'the hood'... In their music they mix hip hop with kletzmer and salsa, although sometimes they choose one over the other. Quite a cocktail! It could be of your taste or not but it is undeniable that their lyrics are smart, they blend both cultures, make political commentary and have a sort of Beastie Boys flavour. I miss that a lot lately because I am tired to go to concerts in which the audience is packed with guys who look like they have been dumped by their girlfriends and need to loose themselves into the sorrow that enfolds the sad music and lyrics of many indie/alt/folk bands. I've been addicted to those bands too -yes, I was dumped too!- but it's about time for some light so I welcome something a bit different that makes a clever use of language and blends it with joyful music.
They have a few albums out, the last one is called Carne Masada and includes the song Times Square (1989), a musical homage to the old hip hop school and to a city long time gone. More info about the song and its musicians here.

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  1. I love Hip Hop Hoodíos - thank you for spotlighting them. Their latest best-of album "Carne Masada" is well worth picking up.

    Newcomers can check out more from the band at