Sep 21, 2009


This morning you could get this fabulous fake New York Post all around the city. It was a hoax paper but still, some people believed it was the real one! They used the same language than the tabloid usually uses, like the cover, We Are Screwed. In it's well known apocalyptic tone, the paper screamed all over the city that climate change is a real threat. Although the paper is fake, everything in it is 100% true, "with all facts carefully checked by a team of editors and climate change experts" the authors said. It was made to call attention on the climate issues that this week are being discussed in the Climate Week in NYC. Of course the Yes Men and many activists groups are behind the hoax. They did the same with the New York Times a few months ago. The idea then was a paper full of good news that they wished Obama will have bring to the world six months after he won the presidency. Dreaming is free, I guess.
Here is a video with the new yorkers reaction to the fake Post.

"SPECIAL EDITION" NEW YORK POST from The Yes Men on Vimeo.

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  1. Qué bueno y qué bueno el tipo del bastón, el pobre casi muere atropellado por un ecologista